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Our goal is to better help you understand your purpose as a child of God and to know all the benefits He has designed for you.  There are a lot of new and exciting materials in our bookstore for you to grow from.  You can also view programs On-Demand in the Empowered Television Archives tab.  Take a minute to scroll through the tabs above.  We believe the materials we share will be life-changing for you.  We love you and pray that God's blessings and grace fills you and your family today! 

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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  You can choose not to allow what other people say about you to affect you, but what you say about yourself can change your life.  Faith comes by hearing, and what you speak, or declare over your own life will create faith in you- either for the wrong thing or the right thing.  Words have the power to heal you or to hurt you.  They produce either life or death.  In this series, “Words Will Never Hurt Me”, Pastor Charles will teach you the importance of choosing your words so what you say will never hurt you… but always help you.   

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You can help me take the good news of power, faith, and victory around the world with your tax deductible gift into Empowered Ministries this month.  Your gift is helping me lead the lost into the Kingdom of God and empower believers with the transforming truth of God's Word. 


Thank you for your partnership.  Together we are making a difference in the world around us and in the generations to come.  I appreciate you so much!

Pastor Charles

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