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July on Empowered Television

Can you be persuaded?  The word “faith” in the original Greek text means to “be persuaded.”  For years I have heard people say that “they can’t help what they believe.”  Satan would love for everyone to believe that… that you can’t control what you believe.  But the truth is you can control what you believe.  In fact, the Bible gives us specific instructions on how you can determine what you believe and how much you believe it.  In these messages, Pastor Charles will take you back to the Bible and walk you through some simple steps to learn how you can take control of your life by Taking Control of Your Faith. 


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Daily Confessions That Will Change Your Life

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You can help me take the good news of power, faith, and victory around the world with your tax deductible gift into Empowered Ministries this month.  Your gift is helping me lead the lost into the Kingdom of God and empower believers with the transforming truths of God's Word. 


Thank you for your partnership.  Together we are making a difference in the world around us and in the generations to come.  I appreciate you so much!

Pastor Charles

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